Our Team

We believe in Building strong customer relationships that lead to product sales. ImagineIce’s customer service team works closely with new and established customers and explains how ice can be used effectively to create spectacular events.Service means more than simply taking orders – it involves educating and helping customers make the most of their event while addressing all the necessary details to make it a successful experience.

Saurabh Katyal
Chief Managing Director

The man with the vision of Ice, leads this motivated team of professionals. The success of Imagine Ice is a result of his thorough research and passionate vision to introduce the truly mesmerizing art of Ice in S.E. Asia.

Monty Choudhary

With rich experience in the area of production, Mr. Monty Choudhary leads a team of specialists who know the core of manufacturing, storing and working with crystal clear ice.

Priyanka Katyal
Director, Marketing

Her past experience of running a one of Pune’s most successful recruitment firms make her our most reliable team member when it comes to working with clients, right from the first intro meet to delivering their ice moment and staying in touch with them for them to work with us again, she is the one you are most likely to stay in touch with.

Nikki Tyagi
Sr.Manager Marketing

Nikki has been working with the group right since 2010 and we feel proud to be her employers of choice right from her internship to her current role as our Sr.Manager, Marketing. Her strength of converting tasks into actions in no time is what makes her a key contributor to our success.