About Us

Imagine Ice is first and only crystal clear Ice Manufacturing and Sculpting company in South East Asia. We can create almost anything in ice from a small ice shot glass to magnificent ice bars. Our design team specializes in creating stunning moments out of Ice. So whether you are celebrating a wedding, corporate function or other special occasion, we suggest you impress your guests with one of our specially designed ice carvings.

You can supply us with a picture or a sketch of your preferred ice carving for us to recreate or choose from our most popular range displayed on this website. At ImagineIce, ideas are always welcome and we are happy to take up the challenge. many ideas that initially appeared challenging are now a part of our popular range. A sophisticated corporate event, a themed look or a functional design for food and drink, ice creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

The beauty of ice is that it can be designed to compliment any theme or style and achieve your overall expression or vision. Imagine Ice specializes in delivering on the dreams of our customers and delivering a powerful impact and lasting memories. Explore the power of ice as a focal point. Use the beauty of ice to create the theme. Imagine subtle corporate imaging on sleek pillars to frame an entrance, a dramatic beaded curtain to enhance the entrance to an event, individually illuminated table ice candle globes and ice sorbet dishes that add the final touch for the perfect event.

We Are Innovative

Are you looking for a stunning, unique centerpiece for your next party? Are you wooing a new client? An ice sculpture is an elegant addition to any function. Imagine Ice produces some of the most gorgeous and innovative ice designs on the planet, used by corporations and celebrities for everything from gala events to blockbuster movies and national advertising. We offer our world-class service businesses across the globe, so you too can have the glitz and glamour of world-recognized ice designs at your own event.

From statues of the guest of honor to company logos, even fully-functional serving bars and drink luges made entirely of ice, let us give your next party an amazing touch.

Our ice sculptures aren’t? just for show, we also have a wide variety of designs for pure family fun year-round! Kids will love slipping down an ice slide on a hot summer day, playing miniature golf on our elaborate ice obstacles, exploring our ice mazes, playing with our stackable building ice blocks, and so much more!Our sculptures are the perfect centerpieces for

  • Weddings
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Holiday parties
  • Corporate events.

Our exquisite, ice sculptures and signs will last six to eight hours at room temperature before the fine details melt away.
It would take almost two full days for the whole thing to finally melt, even with our battery-powered lights shining through it! We are the experts in ice sculpture creation, and we are eager to make your next event as cool as it can be.